vintage 1940s

 Knitted Vintage Hats 1940´s

the Dazzler Hat, USA 1940´s - a knitting visual from 1940 to 2010

the Flower Hat, USA 1943- a knitting visual from 1940 to 2010

knitting in the 1940s USA

Cary Grant in Mr. Lucky, 1943: Watching Him Think ........and Knit


In order to help with war relief, Cary Grant is taught how to knit by a little old woman in the war relief offices. He has no patience with the process. He is also mortified to be knitting. He cannott even bear to hold the knitting needles. His mortification makes him angry.

But then, as he starts to get good at it, he becomes obsessed. He knits in cabs, he knits on the street. Humor: His casually oblivious face, serious, intent, his fingers flying back and forth, suddenly exclaiming at one point, “ I dropped a stitch!” 


0 = Metroplis Helm, 1930

vintage gallery 1930s

 6 = Knitted Turban,1943

vintage gallery 1943

1 = Five O´Clock Hat,1938

vintage gallery 1938 

 7 = Bobble Hat,,1947

vintage gallery 1947

 2 = Dazzler Hat,1940s

vintage gallery 1940s

 8 = Jet Set Hat, 1960

vintage gallery 1960

3 = Flower Hat,1940s

vintage gallery 1940s

vintage gallery1950

4 = Tartar Toque,1940s

vintage gallery 1940s

 5 = Knitted Hood,1940s

  vintage gallery 1940s

vintage knithats 1930-1960 video

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