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the Jet Set Hat,1960

a knitting visual from 1960 to 2010

knitting in the 1960s

Wide spread interest in handknitting faded in the 60's, it became rather unfashionable to knit. Though knitting instructions for clean-cut designs in fine yarns, using lacey intricate patterns were still being published .Such handknits were gradually replaced by machine knitted clothes in manmade fibres Knitting over-large sweaters with bulky bri-nylon continued, but these bulky garments soon became very unfashionable

In the mid 60's Womens Home Industries produced a range of see-through crochet dresses, which proved to be very popular. These were shortly followed by home crocheted versions, using instructions printed in many magazines and knit books

The new elite of the sixties were young, talented and creative, they were pop artists, singers, photographers, hairdressers, interior decorators, writers and designers, The talented young doing what they wanted, very sucssesfully and they were British.

The sixties made Britain into a fashion leader; the great age of theLondon Boutique and Carnaby street. It was also the age of Teenage Society , and the young shopper,   By 1967, 50 percent of all the knits, coats, dresses and skirts, sold in UK , were bought by 15 to 19 year olds. And the age of Mary Quant and the mini skirt.

Knitted dark plaid stockings; coloured nylon stockings; thick knee socks; tight skinny rib sweaters, worn pulled down and tucked in; crocheted pudding-basin hats and long scarfs; space age shapes and colours; Art Deco geometric patterns

In 1962, James Norbury published a book, 'Traditional Knitting Patterns',

Barbara Walker published her 'First Treasury of knitting Patterns' in 1968.

The BBC publication, 'Knit! with James Norbury', a book on knit technique, appeared in 1968, Norbury's better known book,'The Family Knitting Book' was published in 1969.


Tending to her knitting in 1960, AudreyHepburn gets started on a black cashmere sweater on location at Durango, Mexico. She is filming United Artists ”The Unforgiven”€ there, and knits to relax between scenes, concentrating on sweaters and shawls for herself and sweaters and socks for her husband, Mel Ferrer. Audrey`s been taking it easy after suffering a back injury while making the movie.

 Image by Bettmann/CORBIS (Vintageknitting Flickr)

Knit an Audrey Hepburn doll by Carol Meldrum

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