vintage gallery 1938

the Five0´Clock Hat, USA 1938

a knitting visual from 1938 to 2010

Katherine Hepburn knitting in 1938

Young women of the 1920s rejected knitting as "women's work." The industry worked hard to win them over with new yarn colors, knitting marathons and contests offering sizable prizes.

The USA enjoyed its first peacetime knitting craze in the 30's, perhaps because of the Depression. Women who wanted fashionable clothing, like European-designed sweaters, hand knitted imitations. Joan Crawford and Katharine Hepburn were knitting. Hollywood even released a knitting book.


knit a Katharine Hepburn Jacket

download free knitting pattern nr 1 by Kathy Zimmerman


0 = Metroplis Helm, 1930

vintage gallery 1930s

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vintage gallery 1943

1 = Five O´Clock Hat,1938

vintage gallery 1938 

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vintage gallery 1940s

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vintage gallery 1940s

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  vintage gallery 1940s

vintage knithats 1930-1960 video

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