vintage gallery 1940s

the Tartar Toque, USA 1940s

a knitting visual from 1940s to 2010

the Knitted Hood, USA 1940s

a knitting visual from 1940s to 2010

 knitting in 1940s USA

During World War I and again during World War II, the American Red Cross launched nationwide, volunteer-driven knitting campaigns to supply soldiers and war refugees with warm clothing. These volunteer knitters belonged to a Red Cross unit called the Production Corps that also produced bandages and sewn garments (such as pajamas) for veterans and civilian hospitals.

Military knitting patterns were designed to be compatible with soldiers' and sailors' uniforms and were required to be knitted in olive drab or navy blue. Production Corps volunteers would also knit from patterns designed for convalescing soldiers, such as the "Walking Cast Toe Sock," the "Cap for the Bandaged Head" and the "Man's Coat Sweater."

Try your hand at American Red Cross selection of World War II- era knitting patterns from their archives and "knit your bit."

 (Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader so you can view these patterns.)


Woman's V-Neck Cardigan (Coat Sweater)  

Child's Knitted Suit

Child's Sweater-Toddler Pack

Knitting Patterns - Child's Sweater

Knitting Patterns - U.S. Navy - Iceland Sweater

Knitting Patterns - Man's Coat Sweater

Knitting Patterns - Man's "V" Neck Sweater, Sleeveless

Knitting Patterns - Socks

Knitting Patterns - Gloves

Knitting Patterns - Muffler

Knitting Patterns - Afghan

Knitting Patterns - Navy Watch Cap


Men´s V-Neck Sweater from WW II

0 = Metroplis Helm, 1930

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 6 = Knitted Turban,1943

vintage gallery 1943

1 = Five O´Clock Hat,1938

vintage gallery 1938 

 7 = Bobble Hat,,1947

vintage gallery 1947

 2 = Dazzler Hat,1940s

vintage gallery 1940s

 8 = Jet Set Hat, 1960

vintage gallery 1960

3 = Flower Hat,1940s

vintage gallery 1940s

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4 = Tartar Toque,1940s

vintage gallery 1940s

 5 = Knitted Hood,1940s

  vintage gallery 1940s

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